Where are we going

One of the things I have been asked concerning the writing of my first book has to do with my position that science is “inherently tied to our evolution as a species”. One might ask-isn’t evolution determined by environmental inputs, or genetic mutations, or adaptability factors, etc. My answer would be yes, of course. The evidence for such a view is certainly high enough on the error correction bar to be believed. That being said scientists have made it clear enough that evolution is, to say the least, incredibly complex. Like most things there is no “silver bullet” answer to its many questions.

Technology comes as a result of scientific discovery. Humanity’s first technologies, (fire for example), were primitive to be sure. These first steps helped us survive. Without survival things like genetic mutation, environmental input, and adaptability obviously could not happen. Technology that came later (the wheel, steam and mechanical power, etc.) allowed us to go beyond our natural physical limits. The advent of the printing press and computers allowed us to routinely go beyond our natural mental limits. The fact that we now are learning how to, among other things, tailor our own genetics speaks for itself.

I feel that when looked at objectively science is clearly inherently tied to our evolution as a species. It is quite simply who we are.

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