LaCost at Jazz Cafe

Author Patrick Rizio at Jazz Cafe with LaCost

Being a jazz fan and jazz player I understand the importance of improvisation. While the ability to improvise is the bedrock of jazz, it’s importance crosses so many fields. Think of Jordan driving to the hoop, or Federer coming in to the net, or Ali bobbing and  weaving. These athletes aren’t just thinking on their feet, (although they are certainly doing that), they are improvising!

Our best scientists throughout history have done the same. Einstein’s thought experiments were certainly a form of improvisation. When a scientist forms a new model of our world he or she is improvising. They are taking a song from nature and looking at it in a whole new way. After that the scientific method comes into play, and if the new theory holds up under the enormous scrutiny that is science, we’ve come up with a new and better answer to another of reality’s questions.

I feel that improvisation is one of the keys to creativity, and is essential in music, sports, science, art, teaching…pretty much everything we do. The connection between music and writing is obvious. If a musician is good enough, they are able to move a listener emotionally with their playing. I think to do that with a story is the ultimate goal of writing.


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