LaCost at the Collesium

Author Patrick Rizio reading LaCost at the Colosseum, Rome

Built between 72 AD. and 80 AD. the Colosseum is on every traveler’s bucket list. If the thought of it doesn’t conjure up pictures of Russel Crow in Gladiator, or lions eating Christians, you must have lived in a cave most of your life. It simply emanates history. There were, (of course), cheap seats for the not so wealthy and really good seats for the well to do. Thinking of bleachers, box seats and sky boxes in modern baseball stadiums one might wonder if there really is anything new under the sun.

You can’t see gladiators fighting or mock navel battles there anymore but it really is something spectacular to see. And a great place to read a good book!

Where will LaCost end up next.

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