Jawing with Albert

Author Patrick Rizio talking physics with his old pal Albert.

When the words physics, or scientist, or physicist appear in a conversation,  it’s guaranteed that the name Einstein immediately comes to mind. The amount of doors to nature that have been opened because of this man are extraordinary. (I just may have made the understatement of the century with that last sentence). His insights have not only been monumental in their significance, but continue to be verified to this day. The verification of gravity waves in the last couple of years being a recent example. Predicted by Einstein long before the technology was available to verify them, they are yet another tool we may use to answer questions unthinkable just a few decades ago. They may give us a tool to unlock information about the very instant of the big bang, and possibly information before that!

It will come as no surprise to the readers of this blog–I AM A HUGE FAN!

By the way, he loved the book.

Where will LaCost show up next!

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