LaCost at the Treaty of Paris

LaCost at 56 Rue Jacob, Paris

The Treaty of Paris was signed September 3rd,1783, at the Hotel D’York, 56 Rue Jacob, Paris. It was the official end of the Revolutionary war with England. It was signed by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin for the colonies, and by John Jay and David Hartley for King George the 3rd of England. It officially recognized the independence of the thirteen colonies and the sovereignty of the United States.

Go there today and all you will see is a small plaque outside the front door. Doesn’t seem like much considering the historical significance of the place.

Where will LaCost show up next

One thought on “LaCost at the Treaty of Paris

  1. Wow, I learn a lot about history with this blog. And I thought you were just about science….hah! Thank you for sharing all the cool places that LaCost has been…..I’m really enjoying your book 🙂


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