Gutenberg and the new year

LaCost at the Gutenberg museum, Mainz, Germany.

Johannes Gutenberg, as we all know, invented mechanical movable type, aka the printing press. His invention is one of the watershed moments in human development, every bit as significant as fire, the wheel, and computers. Without the printing press our advances in science and technology would have continued to stagnate. The Renaissance itself may well never have happened. Dissemination of information increases knowledge exponentially. 

It’s been said that the destruction of the Library of Alexandria set us back such that we could have gone to the moon 100 years sooner. Exaggeration, possibly? I would submit that without Gutenberg’s invention we might still be using horses and buggies, instead of unlocking the mysteries of time and space itself. As we usher in the new year it seems proper to remember how Mr. Gutenberg ushered in a new era for us.

Where will LaCost show up next?

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