Holiday gifts

Ebook devices

With the holidays coming deciding on gifts can be, well, a bit of a pain. Books are easy and always a good choice.

Just a reminder that LaCost-The Evolution of Jason – ebook, is available at Amazon, or for only $2.99. Click on the ebook tab and an app that allows you to read it on any kindle or other e-reader, pad, computer, or smartphone is free.

LaCost paperback

For anyone who prefers a regular book, the paperback version of LaCost is available at for a 25% discount.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in LaCost. The feedback and encouragement have been more than I could have hoped for.

Here’s hoping the holidays are an absolutely terrific time for us all!

Author day

Patrick Rizio with LaCost at Indie Author day-Schaumburg Library

October 14th, Indie Author day, Schaumburg Library. What a blast!

Had the chance to “compare notes” with other authors, and talk with readers of all ages. It was a dark and rainy day, but that didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. I cannot thank the Schaumburg Library enough for putting on this event. Well done! Can’t wait for next year.

Where will LaCost show up next?

Indie Author Day

Author Patrick Rizio with
LaCost at the Schaumburg
Public Library

The Schaumburg Public Library is the second biggest in Illinois. It has an extensive array of programs for everyone from young to old. Honestly, it is a really cool place. Having LaCost on the New Sci-Fi shelf at the Schaumburg Library is, what can I say, humbling and terrific.

On October 14th from 11:AM until 1:PM they are hosting an Indie Author Day, showcasing local authors. Any readers who can, should drop by and check it out. It promises to be a great event. Hope to see you there!

Where will LaCost show up next?

Autumn’s Living Library

Author Patrick Rizio at Autumn’s Living Library

I was proud to be one of the many authors chosen to participate in Autumn’s Living Library at McHenry County College on Oct. 6th. I had the chance to talk with readers passing by to check things out, and to chat with other authors. It was a terrific evening.

Events like this are venues to showcase and sell one’s books to be sure, but the interaction with the reading public and other authors is so valuable. One can hardly learn too much about one’s chosen craft! I’m looking very forward to coming back next year.

Where will LaCost show up next?

LaCost E-Book

LaCost E-Book now available for $2.99

Many readers today prefer E-Books. Whether it be an Amazon Kindle, a Barnes and Noble Nook, a Sony Touch, an iPad (or other tablet), a computer or even a smartphone, a lot of people choose E-Books. Hey, us readers are a diverse group. Keeping that in mind I’m happy to announce that LaCost is now available as an E-Book for the reduced price of $2.99. If you go to and click on E-book it will take you to a page where you can get a FREE Kindle app that lets you read LaCost on any device. (My editor has LaCost on his phone).

Again, I want to thank each and every reader who has shown interest in LaCost.

Where will LaCost show up next.

LaCost at the Treaty of Paris

LaCost at 56 Rue Jacob, Paris

The Treaty of Paris was signed September 3rd,1783, at the Hotel D’York, 56 Rue Jacob, Paris. It was the official end of the Revolutionary war with England. It was signed by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin for the colonies, and by John Jay and David Hartley for King George the 3rd of England. It officially recognized the independence of the thirteen colonies and the sovereignty of the United States.

Go there today and all you will see is a small plaque outside the front door. Doesn’t seem like much considering the historical significance of the place.

Where will LaCost show up next